Wednesday, December 16, 2009


"The only reward of virtue is virtue;
the only way to have a friend is to be one."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

So, having just created this, I decided to add an entry. On the subject of friendship. Whether they be real friends (as in people you know in real life) or online or via some other means, cause it is crazy how many avenues there are to meet people nowadays. Friends can drive a person, namely your beloved author, absolutely NUTS.

For example... I recently sent a text to a friend to say hi, and I just use this as an example as this has occured numerous times with other people I know as well. So anyways, I send a text simply saying: "Just wanted to say hi. I hope you are well." And then I continued on with my work as this was around lunch time. Roughly 20 minutes or so I get a text back saying hello back. And we exchange the usual pleasantries... The "what are you up to"'s and et cetera...

Well I determine that the person is doing well... Looking for a new job and all of that good stuff. Then something came up at work, and I could not reply right away. So then, I receive a text that is the reason I am writing this... And I quote: "You never text me, or call me, or email me anymore!!!" followed by the usual :( frowning faces and what have you.

So then here is what I take issue with... As I stated in my story, I sent the initial text to said person. So wait.. Since when is it MY personal job and duty in life to initiate the contact? Where did this agreement come from? Cause I do not remember signing anything that stated I had to be the one to contact YOU everytime. You are my supposed "friend(s)" so why can YOU send me a little note like that? Why is it that it is always ME and MY fault.

Of course I always tell myself, well I'm not going to text/call/im anyone anymore at ALL. But I fold like a lawn chair at my first bout with more boredom.

Then again, I guess the fault is on both side of the communication line. I just don't see why all the blame should be mine.

So... In the words of Monty Python...
And now for something completely different....

These are my boys.
On the left is Atticus, he's the baby. Currently he is 9 months old.
On the right you have Archibald aka Archie and he is 1 year and 9 months.

First entry. You may now exhale

"And now my friends...
the time has come to talk of other things...
of shoes and ships and sealing wax...
Of cabbages and kings. "
- The Walrus from Alice in Wonderland

So I decided to create a blog. Yeah, I know, what a novel idea, I am glad I thought of it. I guess you could call me the Al Gore of blogs.

Contained in this blog you shall find the following things:
- Ramblings of my inner thoughts (and yes... you should be scared)
- Pictures of me... well, mainly my dogs. (I just could not live with myself if I denied the world of their cuteness)
- Pictures and thoughts of my family and friends (especially that lil niece o'mine Harper Grace)
- And anything I deem worthy of being here

So now that the intro is over, and me having doubts about whether anyone will even READ this. I push onward. I have a feeling though, as I sit here at work... well working. And of course I use that in a loose sense of the word. I will be posting another entry, cause I have a few thoughts welling up inside me. One regarding these people we call "friends", of which I might add have become more distant in recent years. Both my fault and theirs... But I digress. That, as stated, will be another entry.

And since, if you are reading this and do not know me, which seems odd. But boredom is an ugly thing and I know that I have personally read strange blogs of people I do not know, I won't hold that against you.... Anyways. Here is me:

Please excuse the terrible picture, having just come to the realization that this is the only picture I have of me on my work computer.